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Apple Card Preview: onboarding website goes live ahead of Apple Card launch, includes how to set up video

The website for the Apple Card onboarding process has now gone live ahead of the much-anticipated credit card’s public launch. Tim Cook has previously said that the Apple Card rollout will begin in August.

The page says users can setup on any iPhone and iPad with Face ID or Touch ID (apart from iPhone 5s). iPad users can setup the card through the Wallet & Apple Pay settings page.

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The copy of the page makes reference to an “Apple Card Preview” period. If a user has a preview invite, then the button to add Apple Card will appear in the Wallet app.

It’s not clear if this Apple Card Preview period is referring to the internal AppleSeed betas of Apple Card with employees, or if Apple intends to debut the card with a preview invite-only staged rollout. (If you have received an Apple Card invite, please of course email us.)

The onboarding page includes a how-to video that shows how easy it will be to set up the Apple Card.

The video says users can register and get started with Apple Card in five simple steps:

How to apply for Apple Card

  • Open the Wallet app.
  • Tap the + button.
  • Select the new Apple Card option.
  • Enter your details, like your name, email address and date and birth.
  • Then, your credit status will be appraised and you will be notified of your interest rate and terms offer from Goldman Sachs.
  • Tap the “Accept Apple Card” button and then your card will be ready to use in the Wallet app on iPhone, Wallet app on Apple Watch, Safari AutoFill forms and as a payment method for your Apple Card. Apple Card is also automatically set as your default card for Apple Pay (you can change this later in the Wallet app like normal).

In the demo video, the example user is offered 13.24% interest rate with a $10,000 credit limit.

Candidates that do not pass the initial credit check may need to provide additional information as evidence, like a photo ID, or may simply be refused from receiving the card.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled if we notice Apple Card Preview emails starting to be sent out to users, and of course keep you updated with all Apple Card news going forward.

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