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160 MHz Wi-Fi Channels: Revisited

Image credit: Ruckus Wireless Introduction After 160 MHz Wi-Fi Channels: Friend or Foe? posted, I heard indirectly from some folks in the Wi-Fi biz that some of the results were not as they would expect. The most notable was the 867 Mbps uplink rate for a 160 MHz wide channel. ...

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Here’s how watchOS 7 helps you wash your hands properly

With watchOS 7, the Apple Watch now helps you wash your hands properly by detecting when you begin washing and timing you. While some users may find this feature tedious, it will certainly be beneficial for some. And for those who don’t appreciate it, it can quickly be disabled. Apple ...

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How to print in Python

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority When it comes to learning to code in a new language, it makes sense to start at the beginning. Learning how to print in Python is most certainly the beginning. The “print” command, as in BASIC, is what you will use in Python to ...

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