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Backup your iPhone to USB or microSD storage while you charge w/ HyperCube $29 (40% off)

Today is your last chance to score 40% off the new HyperCube with special preorder pricing ahead its launch in the coming weeks. The new HyperCube is the latest product from Sanho’s Hyper brand, who we’ve long recommended as a go-to brand for USB-C hubs, battery packs and more for iPhone, Android, Mac and more. This device connects between your iPhone charger and your device, allowing you to backup photos, videos, contacts and more automatically to USB or microSD storage while you charge.

Get 40% off HyperCube with special preorder pricing $29 (Reg. $49)

Head below to check out our recent hands-on video with HyperCube:

Hands-on with HyperCube:

HyperCube includes two USB ports on one side– one to connect your iPhone and the other to connect your USB storage of choice. On the opposite side you’ll find a microSD card slot, which you can optionally use to storage backups, and a male USB connector to attach to your iPhone charger of choice. Once connected, you can use a companion app Hyper has to manage your backups including the ability to browse and view photos, videos and more. You can also use the HyperCube itself as a USB thumb drive to connect to a Mac or other computer to view or transfer everything you have stored.

HyperCube is available now at a special $29 preorder price (40% off) on Kickstarter and will later be available for $49.99 at retail.

HyperCube features:

  • Tiny device that connects between USB charger and iOS/Android device
  • Free iOS/Android app
  • Automatically backups photos/videos/contacts onto microSD or USB drive
  • Restore photos/videos/contacts from backup to iOS/Android device
  • Allows iOS/Android to access media/data files on USB and microSD
  • Copy/cut/paste/move/delete/rename files on microSD and USB drive
  • Supports audio/video streaming playback
  • Supports photo slideshow/thumbnail view
  • Measures 47.3 x 35.5 x 24mm / 1.86” x 1.4” x 0.94”
  • Weighs 20g / 0.71oz / 0.04 lb

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