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Garmin Connect Is Down Again For Second Time in Two Months

Wearables company Garmin hosts the platform of choice for many fitness enthusiasts, Garmin Connect. But the service went down in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Garmin was the target of a ransomware attack in July that left a number of its services down for several days including Garmin Connect. Now, Garmin Connect’s status page indicates that services are down again across the board, including Garmin Drive, Garmin Express, and features like Strava, Workouts, Garmin Coach, and the Dashboard.

Users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, complaining about a second outage and threatening to leave for competitors like Polar.

A Garmin spokesperson confirmed to Digital Trends that the company was one of several that experienced issues likely related to the CenturyLink outage. All services have now been restored.

Update August 31: Added information from Garmin spokesperson.

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