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Grab this tasty SIM only deal offering 16GB of data for just £15 a month

We’re always on the hunt for those SIM only deals that sincerely secure you the best value for your money and our latest find is ace. Offering double data, flexible contracts and affordable pricing, Smarty is making toast of the competition!

That’s thanks to its new double data promotion, taking its 8GB tariff to 16GB for the first three months with Smarty. Considering you’re paying just £15 for that big bundle of data, this works out as one of the best value SIMO offers around.

However, what do you do when you cross that three month mark and the double data ends? Well you have two options. You can either continue with Smarty, dropping down to 8GB for the same price (still pretty darn good). Or, you can just leave and pick out another great SIM only deal. Simple as that.

Thanks to the slightly more flexible than normal nature of Smarty, your contract operates on a 1-month rolling basis, meaning you can spend anywhere from 1 month to a complete lifetime with Smarty.

But like we mentioned above, this is very much an offer for August, coming to an end on September 3…so don’t wait around too long to grab it and start saving on your SIM.

Below, we’ve listed all of the details of this offer for you to consult and decide if its for you. If not, check out our guide to the best SIM only deals to see all of the current competition.

Smarty’s superb SIM only deal in full:

SIM only plan from Smarty | 1 month rolling | 16GB data for three months (then 8GB from then on) | Unlimited calls and texts | £15pm
For those looking for a cheap SIM only deal with a decent amount of data, Smarty seems to have nailed it. For three months, you will get double the amount of data as normal. That means 16GB of data for just £15. After that three month period, the data will half to 8GB. However, thanks to Smarty’s flexibility you can then leave your contract at this point if you like.
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What is Smarty and what benefits does it offer?

Smarty is a relatively new player in the world of SIM only deals. However, it is one that is shaking things up. The most important feature of Smarty is its flexibility, offering 1-month rolling contracts. That means you’re never tied in and can leave whenever you like.

On top of that, Smarty offers money back for the data you don’t use with your contracts. £1.25 for every GB you don’t use each month to be exact. That means if you don’t end up powering through data quite as much as you might expect, you don’t have to feel like you’re wasting your money. However, with this promotion that rule only extends to the 8GB mark – the additional double data is excluded from savings.

Finally, Smarty offers unlimited tethering meaning you can connect your laptop, tablet, etc, with no caps (well, only up to your regular data limit, of course) – perfect to combine with Smarty’s unlimited plan. And, powered by Three, you don’t have to worry about issues with Signal.

Read our guide to Smarty to learn more

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