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How does the Wiredelta score algorithm work?

Just how Google Search, Facebook Newsfeed, and many other products that you use on a daily basis run on algorithms, so does Wiredelta’s analysis tool.

In this article, we will look at how the Wiredelta analysis tool is made up of a complex algorithm that we keep improving over time.

So when you see changes to your overall score, it might be because you have done changes to your website, but it could also be because our algorithm has been updated.


General mechanics

The algorithm currently contains 40+ variables that we base the overall score on.

These variables are all measured on third-party APIs. In other words, the Wiredelta score is purely extracted from trusted sources and how they assess the website. Wiredelta has merely collected all these third-party assessments in one score.

When you run an analysis, you see some of these variables immediately on the result page, while others are blurred out. To see all the variables, you will have to leave your email to receive the full report as a PDF with all of the information.

The variables are grouped into different sections like Search, Usability, Mobile, and others, which you can read more about in the article how the FREE Wiredelta analysis tool works.

While running an analysis, each variable contains different conditions. Depending on the result that the website returns and the conditions, the result for each variable is:

We show the same in the overall score at the top of the analysis:

Wiredelta score Passed, Improve, Error


Example of binary (passed or error) variable: Custom 404 pages


Check if the domain has a page for 404, then it is passed else error

Why is that important?

Custom 404 error pages say a lot about the finishing touch of a website. The websites that have gone out of their way to make a custom 404 page are much more likely to value good usability, strong security, and generally measure their website up against the highest standards.

How is it measured?

Either there is a custom 404 error page, or not.


Example of non-binary (passed, improve or error) variable: TEXT/HTML ratio


Calculate size of HTML and text, return text size % of HTML size.

Why is that important?

Content is king, not code. If your website has a lot of redundant code that makes the website bloated compared to how much content is actually being served to the visitor, then your website will perform worse than others.

How is it measured?

We retrieve two versions of the website. First, we retrieve the size of the entire webpage – known as source length – and then we retrieve the size of webpage but this time without CSS and JavaScript files – known as text length. The difference between the two gives us the length of the text of the webpage. From that, we can calculate the percentage of text length compared to source length. Based on this, the variable has three conditions:

  • Error: If the text length < 2% of source length then the algorithm throws “error”
  • Improve: If the 2% < text length < 10% of source length then the algorithm throws improve
  • Passed: If the text length > 10% of source length then the algorithm throws “passed”


How does Wiredelta choose what variables to include and what not?

See this is where things get interesting.

We have elaborate and continuous discussions on how to improve the Wiredelta score to guide our visitors.

There is no simple answer, but as the web evolves, so will websites and how they are scored.

We continue to add new variables that help provide a more accurate score. These variables include but are not limited to tests on a website’s blog, webshop, security, and legal compliance such as GDPR.


Next steps after getting your report

So, what happens once you got your report?

Well, now comes the fun part where you have to go through it and find the most pressing fixes you have to make to improve your user experience and your Google rank.

And remember, you are not alone in this. Our team of professionals is there for you. All you have to do is click on the chat button, ask your questions and wait a few minutes for a reply, if you reach them during working hours.

But if you don’t have time to wait or if the office is closed, just leave your email and they will get back to you first thing, next working day.

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