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Is AppleCare+ worth it for Mac?

In theory, Apple offers the same AppleCare+ insurance for Macs that it does for iPhones, yet the details are so different that it’s harder to determine the value to you. Once you understand just what AppleCare+ actually offers, and what it costs, then in principle the decision is straightforward. Just ...

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How to clear search history on Safari on iPhone or Mac

You can remove your entire Safari browsing history, just yesterday’s, or if you know exactly where to look, even one single item, too. Here’s what you can do, where you can do it, and how. As tracking goes, Safari keeping your browsing history is less about privacy-busting security and more ...

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Apple accused of censoring directions to Washington, D.C.

Reports on Tuesday claimed that Apple Maps was “censoring” directions to Washington, D.C., though there’s little reason to believe that’s the case. According to some users on Twitter and reports from various blogs, iPhone users attempting to get directions to Washington were met with a message saying that directions were ...

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