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Leaker claims ‘HomePod mini’ is coming, ‘HomePod 2’ is not

According to an often reliable leaker, there will be no updated HomePod from Apple this year, but a smaller version is close to shipping.

Ahead of Apple’s “iPhone 12” event, a leaker has quashed hopes that Apple would reveal the next generation of its HomePod smart speaker this month — or this year. Reportedly, there is a “HomePod mini” on its way sooner, though the leaker does not specify whether that is expected to be included at the “Hi, Speed,” launch.

Leaker l0vetodream has a generally good track record for reports on forthcoming Apple products. Most recently, that has included the seemingly later confirmed claim that Apple will use the name “iPhone 12 mini” for its smallest new model.

Backing up the expectation that at least some form of HomePod will be included in the “iPhone 12” event, Apple has dropped all third-party speakers, and headphones, from its stores.

The AppleInsider guide on what to expect — and not expect — at the event lists HomePods as only a possibility. However, persistent rumors do point to a smaller version being prepared by Apple.

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