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October, 2020

  • 17 October

    How to talk to your friends and family about misinformation and conspiracy theories

    When confronting a family member who shared a post about a conspiracy theory, exercising empathy is first and foremost, experts say. Source link

  • 16 October

    Conspiracy theories already spreading ahead of Trump-Biden presidential debate

    Right-wing conspiracy theory accounts connected to the group QAnon have been spreading misinformation on Facebook ahead of the first presidential debate. Source link

  • 15 October

    Facebook to Ban Ads That Prematurely Claim Election Victory

    Facebook has announced it will prohibit ads from appearing on its service that prematurely announce a winner following the November 3 presidential election. The measure also includes political ads from the camps of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden that claim victory before an official announcement is made. Facebook’s decision, ...

  • 14 October

    How to Make a Group Chat on Snapchat

    Our smartphones help keep us connected to our friends and family across the globe. But, since nothing beats a good party, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way you can add a bunch of your friends or family into a group to communicate together to share stories, laughs, and good ...

  • 13 October

    How to Make a Facebook Avatar

    You’ve probably seen people posting avatars that look almost like Bitmoji or Memoji avatars all over your Facebook feed. If you can’t figure out how to get your own, don’t worry. The process isn’t very obvious, but once you know what to look for, setting up your avatar is easy. Here’s ...

  • 12 October

    Instagram Merges With Messenger for Simpler Messaging

    Instagram now offers cross-app messaging and calling with Messenger. The plan to merge the two services was first announced by parent-company Facebook in early 2019, with today’s official announcement coming after a trial period that started in mid-August, 2020. It means that users of Instagram and Messenger will be able ...

  • 11 October

    What is Triller?

    Have you heard about Triller? with Tik Tok’s future uncertain, Triller is being downloaded to a lot more smartphones these days. Source link

  • 10 October

    What is Telegram?

    Have you heard of the Telegram messaging client? With secure encryption as the focus, it has a lot to offer. Source link

  • 9 October

    Mike Pence’s Fly Has Already Amassed 90K Twitter Followers

    A fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate has already amassed 90,000 followers on Twitter. The six-legged insect made an impromptu appearance on Pence’s silver-white hair toward the end of the debate with Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris, and stayed there for ...

  • 8 October

    How to make a meme

    Memes are a staple of the web. And the world always wants more of them. Here’s how to make your own memes. Source link