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This all-terrain electric skateboard travels up to 22 mph

The Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is made of both bamboo and fiberglass. This combination of materials provides the perfect balance of both flexibility and strength. So you can go off any jump feeling confident that this all-terrain skateboard can handle it. Additionally, while this bamboo skateboard looks and feels somewhat like a longboard, it can act like a skateboard. This electric bamboo skateboard will ride smooth and soft, but it can also tear it up on any terrain. And, with a speed of up to 22 mph, you’ll be sure to feel the rush while you’re riding down hills. Furthermore, this all-terrain electric skateboard has a range of up to 19 miles. This is perfect for your commute or for a solid adventure. With a board like this, you’ll never wonder about the path less traveled.

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