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This hinged-lens filter adapter protects your lenses

The Alter Rapid Filter System Hinged-Lens Filter Adapter gives you speed and convenience when using your lens filters and accessories. Whether you’re a novice or expert photographer or videographer, this rapid filter system (RFS) offers all threaded lens and filter diameters. The RFS installs quickly, and you can orient the hinge any way you like. Plus, you can operate this lens accessory with one hand, which makes engaging and disengaging filters a breeze. Additionally, this lens filter system closes securely with six high-grade magnets, so the front ring won’t move out of place. The RFS will vignette some wide angle lenses, but that’s where the RFS+ comes in with its integrated step-up ring. This means it’s perfect if you need to adapt this hinged lens filter adapter to your wide-angle lens. This camera gadget is made from aerospace aluminum to keep your equipment safe and look cool while doing it.

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