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This Tiny External Drive Holds a Whopping 1 Terabyte

Like everyone, you probably love watching movies. But your computer might not have enough storage to do so in those off-the-grid locations you frequent. With the Seagate One Touch SSD Tiny External Drive, you can always have your movies accessible and streamable. And you can’t judge this book by its cover—though it’s cover looks pretty great, too. Choose between a 500-gigabyte or one-terabyte capacity, both of which offer maximum speeds of 400 MB per second. With eight external styles to choose from, this small SSD comes in an option you’ll love, whether it’s traditional black or fun Camo Magenta. There are even two options designed by Sam Larsen: Black Bear and White Bison. This USB 3.0 SSD offers space, speed, and looks. What more could you want?

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