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TwelveSouth StayGo USB-C portable hub adds I/O to MacBooks, features retractable cable

TwelveSouth is today launching a new accessory called the StayGo. The StayGo is a portable USB-C hub that can add back the kind of I/O ports lost in Apple’s transition to all-USB-C MacBooks.

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The StayGo plugs into a single USB-C port on any Mac laptop sold today and serves as a hub for a passthrough power-capable USB-C port, HDMI, three USB-A ports, gigabit Ethernet, a microSD and SD card slot.

The unit’s overall size is smaller than an iPhone XS, so it’s easy to throw it in a bag or even carry it in a pocket.

Unlike most USB-C hubs, the StayGo does not have an integrated connector. Instead, it comes with a meter-long cable (and you can of course purchase even longer USB-C cables if needed) that plugs in the side of the unit. This distance gives you flexibility to put the StayGo further away from a MacBook compared to typical USB-C hub/dongles, and hide the messy cabling.

In that way, it provides much of the same benefits as a Thunderbolt 3 desk dock, but because it is USB-C, it can be much cheaper whilst still offering a range of legacy I/O options.

In addition to the desktop cable, the StayGo comes with a short ‘travel cord’.

The travel cord can be stored inside the hub when on the go. Note, the place where the cord retracts is merely for storage — it must be fully removed and plugged into the port located on the side of the hub when in use.

Most other hubs of this ilk feature fixed-in-place cables that stick out the side of the hub. With the StayGo, you can pull the cord out of its holder when you want to use it and place it back for safekeeping when stowing the hub back in your bag. Unlike some of the cheaper plasticky hubs, the StayGo is a metal enclosure — I’ve been testing one for the last week and it certainly feels very durable.

The StayGo is available to buy now. In the box, you get the hub itself, the travel cord, and a 1-meter desk cable intended to be kept at home.

Find out more details on the TwelveSouth website.

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