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What is the Wiredelta analysis tool?

You know that feeling when you are working, working and working, but somehow you don’t see any results from your hard work?

This happens to a lot of people when they build a website for their business.

You put so much effort into building a beautiful and engaging website, only to realise that it doesn’t generate the reach that you had hoped for—or worse—the conversion that you had budgeted for.

This is in a nutshell why Wiredelta built a tool to analyse your current efforts, and provide suggestions on how to improve, to grow your business online.


Wiredelta tool search



First things first. What you will see shortly after entering your domain is an overview of how you are doing. A couple of things stands out

  • Score: Wiredelta generates a score based on multiple factors making up this score. We keep updating the algorithm that makes up this score, which is why you might see the score change even though you haven’t changed your website
  • Passed, To Improve, Errors: We group the analysis in three; things you are doing right, things you need to improve, and things you need to fix.
  • Download, update, compare or share: You can use the free analysis for various things, which is why we made it possible to down the report to show your colleagues, update it if you did any changes to your site, compare to other sites or share to the world.


Wiredelta analysis overview


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We are not a SEO company, but it goes without saying that without a proper technical setup to rank high on search engines, your website will never be found by anyone.

Wiredelta tool SEO



The modern day consumer is bombarded with information from websites and apps. This is why you need to have a crisp and clean user experience. This is what we check for under the usability section.

Wiredelta tool usability


Mobile responsiveness

The world moving to mobile, and if you want to be relevant to the largest audience possible, you need to be there.

Wiredelta tools mobile responsiveness



Often times we have experienced various technical inconsistencies or straight up errors that needs fixing in order for you to obtain the growth targets you aim for with your website. This is what our Technologies section is all about, spotting technical mistakes that needs fixing.

Wiredelta tool technologies


For the full rundown, and if you cannot wait, you should Get In Touch with us today and get an early bird access.


How do I fix the issues outlined by your analysis?

In addition to this tool we provide a simple subscription to get your website fixed up:


1000 DKK / month for 4 hours of work


👉 Get in touch today if interested 👈


When you sign up, we will kickoff by:

  1. Setting up a Slack team for direct communication with our technical team
  2. Fix the errors that are either breaking your website or hurting your visibility online
  3. Once the critical errors are out of the way, we then move on to things that needs improvement


In case your website needs more work every month, or you want to speed up the process, we offer custom subscriptions.


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